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Sunday Snapshot – No, No, No!

Is it really Joshuas Creek? No, it is Joshua’s Creek. The Joshua’s Creek Trail runs alongside the creek and has a marker informing hikers that Joshua’s Creek is named after Joshua Leach (1776-1862), an early settler who built a house and a sawmill beside the creek during the 1820s. The creek runs through the Joshua’s Creek community. Why, then, would the Town decide to leave out the apostrophe in the street name?

Sadly, leaving out apostrophes is becoming common. Last year Birmingham, England’s second largest city, dropped apostrophes from all its street signs, deeming them confusing, old-fashioned, and a waste of space. Confusing? The apostrophe indicates possession. It is Joshua’s creek, just as it was Joshua’s house and Joshua’s mill. Old-fashioned? Waste of space? Apostrophes are not a passing fad to be considered in style one month and old news the next. They’re not emoticons to be added to text messages when the mood strikes. Apostrophes perform an important function. Joshuas does not mean the same thing as Joshua’s.

Leaving the apostrophe out of this street name is just plain wrong.



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Sunday Snapshot

Cook’en?  Hmm … the designer was going for cookin’ but wanted to match the spelling of kitchen so she changed the i to an e and moved the  apostrophe to a random position to get it out of the way? …  That’s all I’ve got.

See  A is for Apostrophe for my thoughts on apostrophe  use.

Thanks to Barefootheart for the photo.

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