About Me

I started this blog focusing on bad grammar, my pet peeve, but then I decided that I’d enjoy having the opportunity to express a wide assortment of ideas, observations and musings, so I’ve opened up my site to include both grammar tales and other reflections.

I initially questioned the validity of using Grammarian as my username, since the most common dictionary definition of a grammarian is “a specialist or expert in grammar” and I am certainly not an expert. I’m just an average type with an average education in English who hates hearing obvious grammatical errors and hates reading them even more. (Surely we should have the right to expect journalists and television writers to be grammarians as defined above.)

Fortunately for me, a second definition of grammarian is “one who writes on, or teaches, grammar”. I am writing about grammar, obviously, and there is a very slight possibility that someone might learn something by reading my blog, so I feel justified in using the name.

You can contact me at: grammartales@gmail.com.

All content on this site is © 2009 by the writer hereof.

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