Sunday Snapshots – Kitchen Renovation


Ta-da! Done.

Well, not completely – we still need to finish up a few details such as painting the trim – but we’re about 99% of the way there.

Cupboards by Aya Kitchens.

CaesarStone quartz countertops.

DuraCeramic tiles.



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4 responses to “Sunday Snapshots – Kitchen Renovation

  1. Wow, what a change! Looks fabulous. The tile backsplash is a nice detail. Careful with those ceramic floors, they’re unforgiving on dropped dishes (just ask G, who’s lost several). I’ve always liked under-the-cabinet lighting, both aesthetically and for practicality. And you’ve added a dishwasher – that’ll be a nice treat!

    • Thanks Seabrooke. Yes, we’re enjoying having a dishwasher.
      We renovated with resale value in mind (classic Vanilla cabinets, extremely neutral decor) since it’s highly unlikely we’ll be staying here for the next 20 years. I refused to have ceramic tile floors, though, even if they are “in” – my feet already hurt at the end of the day. So, the tiles we used look like regular ceramic but are actually a limestone composite and are warmer and more comfortable to walk on.

  2. Just gorgeous! A totally successful reno project. Lovely, and very up-to-date. I bet you can hardly wait to get into the kitchen and coo…ummm…pick up the phone and order in!

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