Sunday Snapshot – First Bloom

The first rose bloom of the season in my garden.



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2 responses to “Sunday Snapshot – First Bloom

  1. Beautiful! What kind of rose is this? It’s delicate color is fabulous. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Deb

    Hi Cayte! Thanks for dropping by.

    Sadly, I don’t know what this rose’s name is! This is a bloom from a rose tree that I bought at the local hardware store in the spring a few years ago and planted in a container at the front of my house.It already had a flower in bloom when I found it and I loved it so, as I recall, I went to great trouble to pull out and rearrange a whole selection of rose trees to get to it, almost hidden near the back. The label was nondescript and didn’t include a name.

    In this part of Canada, rose trees are “iffy” to make it through the winter and I treat them as annuals, yet I’ve had great luck with them surviving for many seasons with no mulching or other special treatment. This rose is obviously healthy and “greening up” to come back for its third year. It really is beautiful.

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