Sunday Snapshots – Garage Guest

We had a guest in our garage this week.  I didn’t get a great shot of him because I have a new camera and I couldn’t find the green laser eye reduction feature.



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2 responses to “Sunday Snapshots – Garage Guest

  1. Ahhh. He looks frightened. I hope he got out okay after his afternoon nap. He has a very distinctive mask. Most of the ones we used to see had joined masks, with no break between the two eye patches.

    • We have a mom coon who comes around with 4 or 5 kits every summer. I assume, from his medium size, that our guest is a yearling.

      He got shut in the garage one night. We left the back door open all the next day for him, although I assumed he wouldn’t leave until dark. I chatted to him about how much more comfortable he’d be at home and how much his friends would be missing him, but by late evening he was still there so I had to give him some firmer encouragement to leave. He did finally make it out and no doubt spent the rest of the night regaling his friends with the tale of The Night I Spent Locked in a Garage.

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