The Wednesday Word – Emergency Ward

Emergency Ward: noun – a hospital or primary care department that provides initial treatment to patients with a broad spectrum of illnesses and injuries, some of which may be life-threatening and require immediate attention.

I spent the last couple of days in the emergency ward with an elderly patient, which prevented me from writing the entry I originally had in mind for today, so here are some of the observations I made while there.

Seven people came in on Monday with chest pain, which made me wonder if there was a correlation between the pain and the first day of the work week. Maybe when those people say they’re really dreading going back to work on Monday, they’re not exaggerating.

The incessant beeping of assorted monitors was so irritating to me at one point that I’m sure it raised my blood pressure to a level where I almost needed my own monitor.

The nurses worked very hard, especially on Monday night when the ward was so crowded that there were occupied gurneys lining both sides of every hallway. It was lucky that we arrived early in the day and secured a highly sought after cubicle.

On Tuesday afternoon the ward seemed substantially quieter than Monday and the nurses, while still helpful, had more time to gossip. I learned that the blond, female nurse just had a nice vacation, although the weather wasn’t great. The male nurse has a six-month-old baby who is doing just fine, thanks for asking. One of the nurses is on a power trip and had a run-in with another nurse, who wasn’t about to take any nonsense, but Power Trip apologized to Are You Talking to Me? so everything’s okay now.

I got to see an echocardiogram  (ultrasound of the heart). I don’t know how it looked to the trained technician but for several moments I thought the image looked like a disembodied alien head floating in space and I wondered if  this type of test has been the source of inspiration for more than one science fiction writer.

If you are a tiny, confused, 88-year-old man who looks surprisingly similar to a garden gnome ornament, you can get away (at least occasionally) with being nasty to the very people who are trying to help you. Some of them will even laugh and call you “so cute”. Thank goodness for the patience and training of hospital staff.

Other words and phrases that may apply to this situation: waiting and waiting and waiting, tiring, sad


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  1. Ahh. A very nice summing up of a difficult experience.

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